Beyond the Horizon: A Love Kept in Silence

2 min readJun 28, 2023


In the multiverse of possibilities, my love for you remains an irrevocable cosmic connection.

Photo by John Mark Arnold on Unsplash

In the depths of my heart, there exists a love that is concealed, hidden from the world’s prying eyes. It is a love that burns silently, steadfastly, despite the knowledge that our paths will never intertwine.

I find myself captivated by your every gesture, your every word. Your presence alone ignites a fire within me, a fire that consumes my thoughts, day and night. But alas, destiny has played its cards, and it seems that our love was never meant to see the light of day.

In the secrecy of my emotions, I cherish the memories we’ve shared, the stolen glances and fleeting moments of connection. Each stolen smile, each shared laughter, etched into the deepest recesses of my being, reminding me of the bittersweet reality that we cannot be together.

Oh, the ache that accompanies this unspoken affection! The longing to hold you close, to feel the warmth of your touch, it engulfs me like an unrelenting tide. Yet, I must remain content with the shadows, content with the echoes of our unspoken conversations and unfulfilled dreams.

I have come to understand the intricate dance between fate and desire. It is a delicate balance, one that forces me to acknowledge the limitations of my heart’s yearning. For you see, I have come to realize that sometimes, loving from a distance is the only way to preserve the purity of our connection.

Silently, I become the guardian of our love, the keeper of this flame that burns unyielding within me. I find solace in the knowledge that even though our paths may never converge, the love I hold for you remains unwavering, untarnished by the passage of time.

Perhaps, in another realm, another life, our love will find its way, unencumbered by the constraints that bind us now. Until then, I will continue to love you in silence, embracing the sweet agony of our unrequited love, and finding solace in the mere thought of you.

For in this world, where our love can only exist in whispers and stolen glances, I have learned the profound beauty of loving someone from afar. And as I navigate this labyrinth of emotions, I find solace in knowing that my love, though silent, is pure and true.

Thank you for reading :)