Letter of Longing

2 min readNov 9, 2023


Dear my dearest, with this letter, I send words that are timeless.

Photo by Joanna Kosinska on Unsplash

In the vast expanse of emotions, my feelings drift like a fragile leaf, guided by the whims of an intangible wind. An emptiness pervades, an elusive void that resists definition. Within this boundless space, my thoughts linger, hesitating to emerge from the sanctuary of closed lips, ensnared by the chains of doubt and fear.

This profound yearning echoes silently, akin to a river coursing through the heart of a secluded forest, its murmurs concealed in the hush of nature’s secrets.

Each emotion, a delicate ripple, seeks a voice that remains elusive. There exists a fervent hope to breach the barriers that stand as sentinels between my soul and the world, to convey these sentiments to a waiting ear.

Yet, the palette of expression falters, for there are no words, no eloquence that can encapsulate the depth of this sentiment. It is a longing that transcends language, a silent plea that reverberates in the quiet spaces between heartbeats. In the vastness of unspoken desires, my emotions become ethereal points of light, flickering in the darkness of the unknown.

Each silent point of light is a beacon, radiating the intensity of a thousand unspoken words. In their glow, the contours of my longing become visible, a constellation of emotions mapping the uncharted territories of the heart. These points of light shimmer with the vulnerability of unspoken truths, creating a tapestry of emotions that dance in the silence, seeking recognition.

As I navigate the landscape of my own emotions, I find solace in the beauty of this silent longing.

It is a testament to the complexity of the human soul, a symphony of emotions that defies easy explanation. The silence becomes a canvas, and each unspoken word is a stroke, painting a masterpiece of emotions that only the heart can truly comprehend.

In the grand tapestry of existence, my feelings float like that lone leaf, carried by the wind of introspection. Each moment of silence is a chapter in the story of longing, a narrative written in the language of the heart, where words may falter but emotions resonate with a timeless melody.

Lovely, yours.